Life Behind Bars 2015: Jerry's Uno

JU-maccabeeThe Drink: An international beer selection so broad it would make Ban Ki-Moon’s beer cellar look like shit
The Bartender: Kumiko

Jerry’s Uno is something of a Nagoya institution, and the same could be said for Kumiko, the ‘Mama’ of their Shinsakae branch. She offers a cracking line of Japanese-influenced Tex-Mex dishes that can be accompanied by the eye watering flashbang (wallop!) chili sauce, a toothpick’s coating of which is advisable only if you are not working the following day in a building equipped with only squat toilets. Trust me on this.

I’ve travelled a fair bit of the world, and it’s safe to say that I’ve drunk more than my fair share of its beer, but with a selection of 65 beers procured from 26 countries I was spoilt for choice. I don’t know what made me plump for Maccabee – Israel isn’t particularly known for its beer production – but it was pleasantly surprising. Light and crisp for a premium lager, its refreshingness was the perfect accompaniment to my lava-hot taco. Despite being named after revolting Jews, it was anything but. – MG

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