Life Behind Bars 2015: Elephant's Nest

Elephants-NestThe Drink: Mojito
The Bartender: Yohey

The Elephant’s Nest is one of the oldest pubs in Nagoya. A classic bar with worn-down wooden floors and real analog dart boards, you half expect the regulars to shout out the name of the next guy who walks in. When my efforts to get a hearty “Danny!” from the crowd didn’t pan out, I decided I’d take advantage of the famous mixology skills of the bartenders and ordered my favorite cocktail, the Mojito.

If you have ever order a Mojito and the bartender doesn’t bring out a pestle to mull the mint, you tell them not to bother and you get the hell out of that lousy gin-joint. Any drink jockey can splash together a neon-colored cocktail, but it takes skill to make a Mojito. They do it right at the Nest, with lots of fresh mint and actual cane sugar. On top of the limes, they also splash in some lime juice which gives it a nice suppai touch. This summer staple is a nice refreshment between rounds of pints. – DO

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