Life Behind Bars 2015: Desperados

DesperadosThe Drink: Margarita
The Bartender: Takako

A typical summer evening in Nagoya, the city where the sun shines at night, found me hiking through a veritable desert. I entered a mystical oasis of a cantina plucked straight out of Mexico. My drunken crawl had ended at Desperados. The cool air was filled with a mixture of music, laughter, grilled onions and smoky chilies.
Behind the bar, Takako looked into my red, white and blue eyes. “Margarita?” she asked. Before I could finish my nod, ice clinked loudly into a bullet shaker quickly followed by a crystal double waterfall of Tequila and Curacao and a generous splash of lime. Shaking the libation rhythmically, she left me all but hypnotized while she filled my salt-rimmed glass with a shimmering lime-tinted snow globe of awesomeness. Looking for a syrupy neon-colored blender drink? Hit a summer festival kakigori stall. Stay away from Desperados. They only have absolutely authentic, perfect margaritas.- JH

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