Life Behind Bars 2015: Critical Hit

Critical-HitThe Drink: Donkey Kong
The Bartender: Alex

If you like playing video games, then you should know about Critical Hit.

Only about half of the bar is dedicated to being well, you know, a bar. The rest is wall to to wall with more classic consoles and games than you can poke a Wiimote Nintendo Power Glove at.

Amongst many game themed cocktails and snacks, like it’s namesake, the Donkey Kong is the king of them all. A mixture of banana liqueur, Malibu, and vodka for that extra kick topped off with coke, or with no mixer if you’re Super Mario…

…or just in the mood to kidnap a girl, climb the TV tower, and toss beer kegs at any soul with the temerity to try and rescue your unfortunate damsel in distress! – RT

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