Life Behind Bars 2015: Coat of Arms

CoaThe Drink: Salty Suika
The Bartender: Luis

When Luis told me he was going to whip up a drink with watermelon and vodka, it instantly took me back to my old summer house party days. Shoving a bottle of vodka into a huge watermelon and letting it slowly soak up all the goodness (getting drunk off fruit seemed so much healthier). But this cocktail, the Salty Suika, was a hell of a lot classier than that.
After a day of sweating in places I never thought was possible, this drink was just what I needed.

The Coat of Arms prides themselves on fresh ingredients, which saw Luis crushing chilled watermelon as the base of the drink. He shook up some vodka, gum syrup and grapefruit juice and added it to the salt-rimmed glass, producing a drink that takes you straight to the beach. Luis was excited to tell us that he will be adding a more fresh ‘n’ fruity flavors to their cocktail list and will be expanding their already delicious range of burgers. Watch this space! – LO

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