Life Behind Bars 2015: Bar Mexigan

MexiganThe Drink:  Tequila Sunset
The Bartender: Ito-san

Bang in the centre of Sakae’s food and booze district, Mexigan is known for its selección de tequila grande (if you don’t know, Google it), including Don Alvaro Añejo and my personal favourite, Patrón Repasado. It also has open-air street-side seating making its Happy Hour the perfect place to be to kick the night off as the sun goes down.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “Mark you bumbling tit, I think you’ll find that it is a Tequila Sunrise, don’t you know bloody anything about boozing?” Well you can shut your stupid face, because as a matter of fact the tall tantalizing tequila cocktail that was placed in front of me by Mexigan’s chief bartender Ito is called a Tequila Sunset. It looks a touch more flowery than its early morning namesake, and not just because of the hibiscus garnish, but in fact the substitution of yuzu for the traditional orange juice gives it an unexpected light freshness. Sunrises may be considered the more romantic of solar movements, but let’s face it, sunsets are when the fun starts. – MG

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