Life Behind Bars 2015: American Dining Bar BJ

BJThe Drink: Birthday Flair

I was insanely jealous when a friend of mine told me that he got BJs for his birthday every year. So, when he asked me to join in on his special treat I jumped at the chance. American Dining Bar BJs in Sakae is famous for, amongst other things, their flair cocktail barmen, and if it is your special day you can request your own personal flair show.
Once you pick your favorite cocktail, you are seated at the bar where the barman will dazzle you with his virtuoso display of mindboggling bottle acrobatics, mixing your drink as he goes. Bottles arc through the air like salmon spirits leaping upstream, as the barman performs with the grace and charm of a pre-Scientology Tom Cruise. Once he is done, all that is left for you to do is jump behind the bar yourself, neck your concoction – in one, of course – and blow out the candles on your cake before enjoying the gorgeous and preposterously talented pole dancers. That surely is the happiest of birthdays in anyone’s book. – MG

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