Life Behind Bars 2015: Aloha Dining Lure's Lana

Lures-LanaThe Drink: Tropical Beauty, Mojito

Layer’s Aloha Dining, right next to Chikusa AEON, has re-opened with a new name and some fun additions to the menu.

As well as their always yummy hamburgers (now with a bigger patty) and other Hawaiian food, keep an eye out for their fun summer specials including pineapple salsa (with jalapenos!) and pineapple pancakes.

We sampled a Tropical Beauty (rum, white curacao, pineapple juice, lemon juice, and Campari) and a minty Mojito, perfect drinks to cool off in Nagoya’s boiling cauldron of humidity and heat.

No one knows exactly why Nagoya is so damn hot, but you’ll forget all about that while you chill out in the breezy Hawaiian ambiance of Lure’s Lana. -RT

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