Life Behind Bars 2013: Shooters

NM0113_Page_10_Image_0006Shooters is one of Nagoya’s longest running bars and it’s not difficult to see why. With darts, pool and a foosball table to accompany the 18 (that’s right, 18!!) TV screens, it’s unlikely that boredom will be much of a problem, and as the NAGMAG bandits grabbed a table, the usual contained pandemonium was already in full swing. As such, we were fortunate that our consummate barman, the affable Aussie Dustyn, was good enough to rack us up some shots – something of which Shooters has in abundance, listing everything from an Alabama Slam to a Young Grasshopper – even joining us for one. He then prepared himself to commit murder on your poor intrepid reporter. Which leads us to…

The Drink: Dustyn’s Death Machine

Ingredients: Gin, Rum, Tequila, Spirytus, Curacao, Lemon
Looking like a fruit salad that’s had a fight in a Fanta, Dustyn’s Death Machine seems something of a misnomer. However, don’t let its benign appearance, nor the innocent grin of the barman after which it is named fool you. You see, behind its fruity taste and childlike exterior, beats the alcoholic heart of a killer. Run your eyes down that ingredients list one more time. That’s Spirytus that is. Vodka with a whopping 95.6% alcohol content (or 191.2% proof if you are that way inclined). This is not a drink to be trifled with and, like a schoolgirl with an icepick in one hand and a bottle of Ritalin in the other, don’t easily dismiss it, ‘cos if you’re not careful it’ll fucking blind you! – MG

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