Life Behind Bars 2013: Red Rock

NM0113_Page_08_Image_0006Red Rock has seen a lot of interesting changes lately, a new menu, new staff, a fun new vibe – and a lot of new faces in the crowd. This is not your father’s Red Rock. But looking around this historic bar it is hard not to remember some pretty insane nights that have been written in the foggy history of Nag nightlife. Red Rock always has a few tricks up its sleeves.

The Drink: The Melbourne  Tingle

We had missed their unbeatable happy hour, so we asked the new manager Dave for a recommendation. His eyes lit up like an evil Aussie Santa Cluase – “That’l be a Melbourne Tingle you are after” he said. Our crew was a bit jaded after several nights of sampling funny drinks fancy names that failed to deliver, so we were caught off guard by this hypoglycaemic fusion of vodka, Blue Curacao and raspberry liqueur. “It’s quite popular with the ladies in Australian clubs at the moment” said Dave, noting that it tastes like a lolly. Yeah and if you see this drink driving around your neighborhood in a white van lock your doors. – D.O.


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