Life Behind Bars 2013: Mexigan

NM0113_Page_14_Image_0002When it comes to Tequila, the Tencho of Mexigan knows his stuff… that’s cause he is a Tequila sommelier. That’s right – tequila has developed a whole new breed of experts who can detect hints of blue Agave in a thimble of Mexican gold. They even have a course to become one and a master Tequila sommelier actually comes down from Tokyo to teach you all about it at Mexigan. Check with the bar staff if you’d like to take a course!

The Drink: Don Julio Tequila

First the propaganda: “Beginning with a man’s journey in 1942, Don Julio Tequila was created by Don Julio González, who spent 40 years perfecting his tequila craft. Each Don Julio Tequila is satin-smooth with a captivating combination of flavors that set each apart from the rest.” Our verdict? This is one damn fine tequila, but moderation is the key here, otherwise you will wake up feeling like you’ve been kidnapped by a Mexican cartel. –  D.B.

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