Life Behind Bars 2013: KC Bar

NM0113_Page_12_Image_0001In his 21 years at the cut and thrust of Nagoya party central, scene sempai Kennedy has seen it all. However, despite the underground hip hop vibe of his new bar KC’s and his superlative dart throwing skills, it’s good to see he hasn’t lost his Sam Malone-esque instincts as a traditional glass-polishing, advice-giving bartender “Almost every day, married women and men come complaining. ‘The wife is getting cold, she doesn’t cook.’ Or ‘I don’t want my boyfriend anymore.’ I say, ‘do you like him, yes or no? If it’s yes, continue in the relationship. If no, get somebody else’. They just want somebody to talk to.”

The Drink: Nuvo Pink

Whether served over ice or straight up, this sparkling vodka liqueur is fast becoming the drink of choice for hip-hop stars and hipsters alike. Add to this fact that, what with it being pink and all (super) it’s also very popular with the ladies. Which, when you think about it, sounds just like Kennedy himself. – M.G.

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