Life Behind Bars 2013: Jerry's Uno

NM0113_Page_17_Image_0003Kumiko is the “mama” of Jerry’s Uno, a Nagoyan chain that serves up a unique and sometimes funky Japanese take on burritos and tacos. Her other claim to fame is beer – and lots of it. While me and Cart erred on the conservative side with Becks, Mark went for the Peter Tosh-approved Cannabia. -R.T.

Drink: A bazillion varities of imported beer.

Ever wanted to combine the bloated bladder of beer with marijuana’s ability to make Jefferson Airplane sound interesting? Then have we got a drink for you! Cannabia is the world’s first legal hemp based beer and, coming in a bottle that wouldn’t look out of place in a university dorm (you know the place, smells like patchouli, full of white kids in dreads spouting pseudo-hippy bollocks), you would expect little more than a novelty beer. However, as it nestles amongst Jerry’s Uno’s wonderfully wide selection of international beers, it’s not surprising that Cannabia is eminently drinkable. Light, sweet with a herby aroma, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a night playing on Jerry’s ‘slot machine’ where the more you win, the less the on-screen girls wear. Just be careful not to do your nuts. -M.G.

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