Life Behind Bars 2013: Hub


Hub Sakae’s half-price cocktails until 7pm have turned it into a popular starting point for pretty much every bender ever, which means that you’ve probably met this individual, Mr. Sato – better known as Tencho, before. His recipe for a good night? Beer, beer and more beer.

The Drink: Beer!

As if to prove his point, he served us up with a tower beer, a liter-sized contribution to tomorrow’s  hangover. Mark expertly demonstrated the proper technique for imbibing a large cylindrical tube full of liquid, (the “Linda Lovelace”).

Anyway we figured that while we had the Tencho’s ear, we’d best try to score ourselves upgrades from our black Hub cards which, just in case you didn’t know already, give you a 5% discount on drinks and food – to gold ones, which knock 7% off instead. Our plaintive pleas of “c’mon” and “awww please” were met with polite silence. It seems the secret to entering this special club apparently involves doing something with a tower…- R.T.M.C.

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