Life Behind Bars 2013: Elephant's Nest

NM0113_Page_17_Image_0005Elephant’s Nest has the advantage of an authentic British Pub feel, replete with the clashing patterns and Strongbow on tap that makes you feel you’ve just popped down to the local for a few. Owner and proprietor Kishi-san is well known around town for being a nice guy and the pub he runs is steeped in Nagoya lore.

The Drink: Okinawan Awamori

I know right? An English pub that sells the firery Okinawan version of Shochu known as Awamori? WTF? Add to the fact that this isn’t just any ordinary Awamori – this one comes complete with a Habu snake. I’m willing to make a wager that this is the same dusty bottle I encountered on a research mission here two years ago which means either (A) it isn’t very popular or (B) its reputation proceeds it. But don’t be goaded into trying this stuff if you aren’t seriously willing to make it one of THOSE nights – this potion gives “Fire In The Hole” a brand new meaning. Added bonus – it is supposed to give your chin chin a bit of steel. “Is that a snake in your bottle or are you just happy to see me?” Buyer beware!

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