Life Behind Bars 2013: Desperados

NM0113_Page_13_Image_0002For those whom tequila spends more time spewing out then going down, Desperados has got you covered, too. Besides the best selection of south of the border beers in town (and yes, they’ve got Corona for the bros in the room), co-owner Takako is as talented a mixologist as her hubby is a chef. I recommend her Mojito. This much-needed reminder of warmer climes is an easy-drinking blend of rum, soda, sugar and mint.

One of the best in town, Takako-chan accredits practice as her secret. “I’ve tasted a lot of mojitos,” she smiles, leaving me to wonder if maybe her sweet nature is the true secret ingredient. -D.O.

Drink: Tequila Aho Toro

Desperados claims the best selection of tequila in town and, whilst that is quite some boast, it’s hard to argue with shelves that groan with the stuff and the fact that there are more worms than in a fisherman’s tackle box. The only problem NAGMAG found was choosing which one to sample. Fortunately, Takako is something of an expert in the matte, and after passing her virtuoso eye over us, poured a measure of Aho Toro. “You’re not going to shpot this,” she cautioned as the oak-hued spirit poured from a bottle that looked like it could have washed up on a Caribbean shore. We assured her we wouldn’t and, with nary a wedge of lime in sight, the sweet, sharp amber spirit slipped down. Perfection. – M.G.

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