JETTA Japanese Classes

Learn to speak in Japanese quickly and simply!

Utilizing a unique and effective method of teaching Japanese JETTA Katakana School of Japanese is offering foreigners in Nagoya a great new way to get up to speed with basic conversational Japanese.

JETTA uses a method that focuses on adopted terms such as “Indicators”, “Definers”, “Counting” and “Suffix” amongst other devices to explain Japanese grammar in a simplified manner focused on a more efficient route to learning the Japanese you need for daily life.

This method is not like the type of traditional study that is in common practice. “My Nippngo” the text that is used does not rely on the typical form of learning which can be quite rigorous. Traditional Japanese study can deflate the beginner. Often this is due to a rigorous focus on sometimes abstract concepts, that while fundamental to attaining fluency, ultimately weigh the novice down and diminish their confidence in their ability to learn.

Alternatively Jetta Japanese classes attempt to break things down into basic concepts that are easier to comprehend and use roman characters to introduce them before moving onto the kana and ultimately the kanji required to read and write.

Their goal is goal is to help you develop a basic working spoken vocabulary in 3 months!
Classes are one on one with your Japanese teacher and only ¥3,000 per hour.
JETTA is located near Kakuozan station on the Higashiyama line (Exit#2)

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  1. What kind of payment methods do you accept? Also, do you provide a 3 mo invoice? I am looking for a company that I can pay directly with VISA and need an invoice before my company will approve. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Our class is available to learn quickly.
    Usually Start 8:30 on Saturday, but you can select the class you would like to come.
    You can check below URL and if you come please join us.

    So please send request of your coming time and date and then we adjust the schedule. How about Saturday at 8:30?

    contact us: JETTA Japanese Classes
    Tel: (052) 759-5177
    email :

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