LBB 2016: Shooters

How cool was Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail? Cool as fuck, right? Well take that coolness, add it to a body that wouldn’t be out of place on an All Black, and add some self effacing charismatic charm and you come close to meeting Eiji Hayashi, manager at Shooters.

Eiji started off as an enthusiastic customer who enjoyed the bar so much that he would hang around at the end of the night to help close up, but fhe was quickly, and rightly, elevated to the managerial role.

For Eiji the best part of the job is meeting with all sorts of people, and building social networks that he may never have made otherwise, and is such a top guy that he is even happy to take customers out on the town if they need an interpreter or guide.

The drink: Shots

One pair of customers that would probably need a doctor more than a tour guide, as Eiji recalls, was a pair of Japanese salarymen who managed to work their way through the entirety of Shooters’ famous shots list in one night. That’s 39 double shots in one sitting.

Unwilling to emulate this on a school night I plumped for just a pair of them: the Flaming B52 and the Four Horsemen. The former, which has an added intensity thanks to the Spirytus Polish rectified alcohol that helps it flame long after you’ve slurped the shot back through the straw, was deliciously sweet, but the latter lived up to its biblical name, and being a combination of Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker and Jose Cuervo, knocked my head somewhat out of kilter and left me wondering how on earth those to guys managed to do a further 37.

If you think you can beat them, its probably best to head down there on shot nights on Friday and Saturday when regular shots (like the Four Horsemen) are ¥350 and the layered shots (such as a Flaming B52) are ¥500. Ganbatte!

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