LBB 2016: Oxo Kanayama

Because of its central location and access to a number of train lines, Kanayama is a popular spot for foreigners to drown their expat woes in the half-priced Happy Hour cocktails expertly slung by manager Isogami-san and the friendly staff at OXO. On any given work day from the hours of five to seven, you can find a number of people from all over the world enjoying an entire yard-glass of colorful inebriating blends. And since its summer, the frozen margarita is just the right blend of cold and agave to survive the heat.

The Drink: Blue Margarita

As a certified tequila sommelier (or Maestro Tequilero), Isogami-san knows a thing or two about margaritas, which is why I was surprised that he relegated the making of my Blue Margarita to a machine. But I needn’t have worried, because this robot expertly and quickly blended Jose Cuervo Silver, Blue Curacao and lime juice into a frozen treat. Although it has the consistency and color of a slightly melted Louie Bloo Otter Pop, the tequila is there to remind you this isn’t for kids. If you prefer a little sweetness, they have fruity varieties as well. If you ask nicely, they’ll put some salt on the rim of your glass.

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