LBB 2016: Outback Steakhouse

After trudging waist-deep through the putrid humidity and human fatalities littering the sidewalk of Nagoya I was welcomed into the chilled environs of Outback Steakhouse by Serina, a Nagoya native who lived in Orange county for a while. Serina is everything you’d want in a bartender, fun to talk to, laughs a lot and makes a killer cocktail. Her English is great and if you need some help navigating the selection of Outback’s long bar she’s more than happy to help. She recommended her favorite drink and I obliged by inhaling it as if I were a passenger on a Malaysian airline.

The drink: Sydney’s Cosmos

It is said that originally the Cosmopolitan was created so that people who didn’t really like martini’s could be seen holding that distinctive glass. Now while I am a vodka martini fan I also like vodka served with cranberry, or lighter fluid or whatever I have laying around the house at 10 am. I’m easy to please.

What Outback has done here is add a bit of mango syrup to sweeten the concoction which is popped in an ice shaker and served with a slice of lemon. The result is the Sydney Cosmopolitan which is like an ice cold oasis in the heat of a Nagoya summer. I suggest that as soon as you wrap your hands around the glass that you use your free hand to signal you’ll be having another.

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