LBB 2016: Jerry’s Uno

Kumiko at Jerry’s Uno is something of a local treasure. She has been practising her English lately, but ask and she will teach you Nagoyan Japanese until red miso comes out of your ears.

The Drink: Satan Red

The Belgians are way ahead of the curve, blazing the trail for the rest of the human race. They invented french fries, and as an example of how advanced they are compared to the rest of us barbarians, eat them with mayonnaise, a dream come true for mayo drinkers like me. Years before craft beers made funny packaging and complex flavors in beer popular, the Belgians were brewing up quirky beers like Satan Red.

It tastes like a Belgian ale, heavy with a fruity flavor. I’m not going to pretend to be a beer expert, but it was good. And at a hefty 8% alcohol content, it will only get better the more you drink.

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