LBB 2016: Hooters

You know that salaryman that drooled on you as he slept on your shoulder on that endless subway journey. That’s a memory you need to erase right? Well luckily Hooters has the brain-freezing concoction that will wipe that memory away, if not the saliva.

The drink: Frozen Margarita

The frozen margarita has a long history at Hooters and has been on the menu since 1983 when the first location opened in Clearwater, Florida. I was served up by Anna, a native of Kanagawa who recently moved to the Nags from Tokyo where she had been working at the Akasaka Hooters. She told me that while they have four flavors, I looked more like the “1983” – or original type. I tried not to imagine that she was referring to my age but in any event I am more traditional than most frozen margarita drinkers, eschewing all the fancy strawberry, blackberry or mango flavors that the new kids are drinking. My verdict? Well the thing was damn-near perfect right down to the salty rim. And now that Hooters is open everyday for lunch I know where to cool off in the middle of the day!

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