LBB 2016: Desperados

The little I know of tequila was learned from a Mexican friend of mine: namely good tequila should be sipped, never as shots. However at Desperados I got myself a proper education.

Rudy and Takako have been running Desperados for 18 years and in that time they have continued to be the finest purveyors of top class tequila in Nagoya. They have around 30 bottles in stock, “all good ones!”

When I made the mistake of ordering ‘their best’, as something of an unofficial tequilero, Rudy pointed out that ‘the best’ (read ‘most expensive’) may not be to my taste.

The Drink: Tequila (of course)

He would probably go for a reposado like Tequila Chamucos, or more likely something a bit older, an añejo, particularly Cazadores or the Tapatio, the latter of which you would otherwise only ever find on the tables of Mexicans in the know. Unfortunately they’ve just got the one bottle left, so get to it before its gone. And for Christ’s sake, don’t shoot it!

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