LBB 2016: Aloha Dining Lure’s Lana

Although they have a reputation for their burgers, Lure’s Lana also has a full menu of beers and cool cocktails that will leave you feeling like you are chilling on a beach in Hawaii.

The Drinks: cocktails and smoothies (Blue Hawaii, Tropical Beauty, and Chi Chi in picture). 

I sampled one of their selection of milky cafe-style drinks, an ice cafe mocha with a scoop of real (you’ll know what I mean when you try it) vanilla ice cream on top. One more that really caught my eye was the avocado + banana smoothie, which seems like it would give you the stamina to beat the oppresive Nagoya heat.

They also have a special summer menu and have added some dishes to their regular menu, including a plate of three slider burgers that the manager promises go great with their drinks. Next time you’re shopping at AEON or Pokemoning (is that a word)? at Tsurumai Park, drop into Lure’s Lana and relax!

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