Layers: The Layers Burger

Layers deserves to be on any list including the words “Best”,  “Burger” and “Nagoya.” Just a quick walk from Hisayaodori station’s exit 1, Layers in Marunochi is a great place to sit outside amidst the city hustle, and enjoy a well crafted, hearty burger. Seated on their lovely terrace, enjoying the beautiful spring weather, I was greeted by smiling and friendly waitstaff, as well as the dreamy aroma wafting from the nearby kitchen.

Upon a friends recommendation, I ordered up Layers’ signature handful of grilled meat, the “Layers’ Burger”. This massive burger is “filling” to say the least. In fact, a more accurate description of this 120cm tower might be that this burger could feed a healthy family of five! The meat alone gives credit to the shop’s name. In addition to the layered beef patties being stacked sky-high, it’s a delicious mix of both Japanese Hida Beef and top grade beef from Australia. On top of those two thick, juicy beef patties lies layers of egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pineapple all slathered with their delicious BBQ sauce. Magnifique!

Now, let us take you a step beyond. The “Layers’ Burger”, like most of it’s competitors comes with a side of fries. But, Layers’ plates shine where the rest of Nagoya’s burger joints cast shadows; Layers gives you BOTH french fries and crispy onion rings! Score!! –

Vital Statistics:
Meat: A delectable mix of Japanese Hida Beef and Australian Beef doubled up!
Bun: Toasted white bread buns add to the harmonious nature of this towering beef-erno!
Condiments: Lettuce, tomato, cheese, eggs, layers, Layers, LAYERS!!
Fries: Not just a delicious side of fries, but onion rings, too!!
Epic Win: That mix of Japanese and Australian beef was delicious and super filling. Win… Win… Win!
Dr. Seuss would… eat this burger here or there… he would eat it anywhere!

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