K's Pit: Big K's Burger

Hunter Byron-Smith

Tucked away in the corner-pocket of Osu’s mesmerizing patchwork of shopping alleys is possibly the holy grail of Japan’s authentic American-style diners. It’s tiny, discreet, and completely plastered with vintage America paraphernalia straight outta the 1950s. Sit back, place an order, and enjoy a serenade of rockabilly and 50’s hits; this is the closest thing you’ll find to an actual time warp. That’s like 1.21 gigawatts, Marty!!
Oh yeah! The burgers!! How are they?  …God damn, they know how to make good burgers…

Everything at K’s is made to order and fresh – the resulting marriage of meat and toppings is a consistent (huge, staggering, and inexplicably held together) masterpiece of American cuisine that’s nearly too gorgeous to shovel into your dirty face-hole. Luckily, it’s worth demolishing, as its beauty is only mirrored by its taste. They even supply those dainty little burger wrappers, for those who are keen on avoiding that splendid badge of burger drippage on your blouse. But, we humbly suggest using them to brush away the tears of joy.

K’s is also open as a late night bar/food dive, allowing you to satisfy those ravenous midnight urges with burgers and deliciousness DAILY until 5 AM. It’s a long (but manageable) drunken shamble from Sakae, so come show your stomach justice and kick that hangover in the ass before it even starts!

Vital Statistics:
Meat: Stack that meat high with Big K’s Burger, a double handmade patty concoction, if you’re man enough. Or go further down the crazy path with the Psycho Burger. The patties are a nice size and impeccably flavored, with the help of a seasoned griddle; the food here is anything but ordinary.View post
Bun: The toasted sesame buns and toppings are all fresh and great.
Fries: The fries with the burger set are your standard fare, but splurge extra and go for the onion rings. They’re beyond delicious and worth it.
Epic Win: Pairs perfectly with their simple but classic diner shakes.
Dr Seuss Would… eat this with a snake. Hopefully, he’ll buy my shake!

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