KPB Theatre Presents UNGLUED – A Play By Joe Sichi
November 24 - 26, 2017

KPB Theatre continues presenting the original works and concepts of Nagoya writers and artists with “Unglued”, following last year’s “Jukebox Paradise,” which saw Brian Cullen’s musical concept as scripted by Gary Beaubouef, and this year’s Spring Production of “The Boxer,” also written by Gary.

“We are always looking for writers from the Nagoya Community to come forward with original ideas KPB can craft,” says Gary, KPB’s House Writer.

Joe Sichi is nothing if not part of the Nagoya Community. Well-known for Misfits, The Rock in Sakae and GC Live, not to mention Aichi Vision, this is the fourth play he’s written and his second as producer. He directs, and you can hear more from him by tuning into The Nagoya Buzz Podcast on November 14th. He is ably assisted by the very experienced Leona Cameron, who has been instrumental in her work over the years with local theater troupes.

Theater-goers will recognize many familiar faces in the cast, including Matt Smith, Dan Pousson, and Leah Turner. KPB follows its own tradition of merging these seasoned performers with some bright new faces including Katie Bender and Mike Miller of Nagoya Comedy, and a new wrinkle, the head of KPB, Stephen Pottinger, is out of the director’s seat, off the sound table, and back on stage.

The stage sees a lot of action. Six university friends and two of their former professors get together for a house party a decade after graduation resulting in an unforgettable weekend for all. The drinking starts early and the plot rolls faster than you can pick up the empties, as it becomes increasingly clear that each and every one of these friends will lose it before the end of the weekend. “Unglued” is a three act drama set in the current USA exploring relationships both secret and known, and the boundaries we set for friendships, and those we don’t.


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