KOMEHYO Summer Sale
June 25 - July 18, 2016

Summer is finally here – and the summer sales are just around the corner. In Japan most stores offer deep discounts on a range of merchandise around the end of July – just when most people are getting summer bonuses. But this year KOMEHYO has jumped ahead of everyone by offering deep discounts on some of their most popular items from June 25th till July 18th.

If you’ve never been to KOMEHYO you haven’t experienced Nagoya’s best shopping value and selection. They have everything from high-end watches to brand name bags and clothes and so much more.

KOMEHYO sells merchandise you won’t or usually can’t find anywhere else, often second hand or overstock items in great condition. Unlike stores in the US and Europe which sell previously owned items, the things you will find at Komehyo are in extraordinarily good shape – which makes buying something vintage a real find – Japanese people simply take better care of their stuff.

This is why KOMEHYO gets busloads of tourists who are eager for a bargain on top quality merch. Often the items are not even used, but simply never owned stock that they have acquired. Want a Gucci bag? Huge selection. TAG Heuer or Rolex timepiece – take your pick. Retro clothing or vintage watch – they have an awesome selection of the beautiful, the quirky and the hard to find stuff that stands in sharp contrast the limited selection of expensive things you will find in a regular department store.

KOMEHYO actually has several stores, including shops dedicated to used kimono, musical instruments and camera equipment. The main store is 7 floors, and each one is dedicated to a selection of goods from casual to luxury items such as jewelry, watches, clothing, designer bags and more.

The 7th floor is really fun because they sell clothes by weight! That’s right – browse through racks and bins full of cool, often kitschy and vintage items and pay for what you want by how much it weighs. It’s amazing what you can find. This floor has four areas separated by the price you pay per gram. For example there is a ¥1 section, a ¥2 section, a ¥3 section and a ¥4 section. It is amazing some of the things you will find.

The summer sale is a great chance to find something special. All TAG Heur watches are 5% off – so if you are looking for a cool diver’s watch you have a wide selection to choose from. And if you are a fan of rare and hard to find Rolex Royal watches they are putting some rare finds up for sale.

One of the best deals this summer is on brand name bags. They are offering up to 50% off designer bags, (some of which are brand new) from designers like PRADA, Saint Laurent, and Valentino Garavani. In addition to these special sales KOMEHYO is offering discounts on luxury brand shoes, sneakers, and sandals as well as luxury brand clothes including a special dress fair.

If you haven’t checked KOMEHYO out yet go have a look – in fact make a day out of it and take in the cool cafes and restaurants nearby in the Osu covered arcade!

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