KOMEHYO which has their main store in Osu is known for large secondhand department stores offering a variety of discounted merchandise such as jewelry, accessories, watches, designer bags, clothing, cameras, instruments – basically everything – at reasonable prices.

The best thing is that KOMEHYO sells merchandise you won’t or usually can’t find anywhere else, often second hand items in great condition. Unlike junk shops overseas, the things you will find at KOMEHYO are in extraordinarily good shape. The quality of the items is incredibly high as KOMEHYO’s quality assurance team dedicate themselves to verifying the quality of all the merchandise they sell which makes buying something vintage a real find; Japanese people simply take better care of their stuff. KOMEHYO’s concept is “relay use” which means a product fulfills its purpose by being handed from person to person like in a relay race so others can make the best use of it.

So shopping at KOMEHYO is great because the variety of items on offer will truly surprise you (some are even brand new) and the prices are quite reasonable!

In celebration of KOMEHYO’s 70th anniversary, they opened their Meieki (Nagoya Station) store on May 27th. It has a wider selection of goods than the other locations: everything from casual to luxury items such as jewelry, watches, bags, clothes, interior decorations including cups, plates, antique furniture and plants. There are over 9000 items waiting for you.

Recently, modern high-rise buildings with large department stores have sprouted up near Nagoya Station so you have a lot of options.

However, at KOMEHYO you can be a smart shopper. Brand-name bags and clothes that are offered at other department stores are available for bargain prices at KOMEHYO.

KOMEHYO wants to to inspire you to visit again and again to find new great bargains each time.

The new KOMEHYO at Nagoya Station is unique because there are no other second hand shops like it so close to the station.

After shopping you can relax at the popular café “THE CUPS” that makes speciality cakes and the cutest latte art.

Until June 25 (Sun) the KOMEHYO Meieki store will be holding a Special Opening Campaign: some brand new items such as brand-name bags, accessories etc. will be sold for up to 50% off. (limited availability)

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