Kinensai Ceremony at Atsuta Jingū
March 17, 2017

Observed in spring as preparations for planting crops begin, Kinensai is held at Atsuta Jingū to pray for an abundant harvest and prosperity. Since long ago it has been believed that gods come down to the village at the beginning of spring and watch over people as they go about their lives, and, return to the mountains once the harvest is finished in the autumn. From 10:00, beginning with the Main Shrine, the Kinensai ceremony is performed at all shrines within and outside the precinct. This is followed at 14:00 by the dedication of an offering before the deity at Mita Shrine, the rite of otogui, in which attendants call to the crows as the offering is thrown to them on the rooftop, and the performance of a dance known as karakamimai. Many Aichi farmers affiliated with Atsuta Jingū who provide the agricultural produce offered at the shrines’ annual rituals attend during the Kinensai from 10:00.

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