Kaliman Mexican Restaurant

By Gerry Mclellan

Imagine a galaxy far, far away in which an evil leader plans to have a wall constructed to keep out those wishing to open restaurants selling scrumptious foods such as burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, salsa, tacos and nachos; provide copious amounts of tequila to wash it all down, and entertain with mariachi music.

Pretty far-fetched, right? But… somewhere it just might happen!

However, be assured Nagoya, as far as I am aware, no such evil schmuck exists here, so there is no need to panic, there is no need to scurry around and get in a tizzy, you have plenty of time to get your booty, and your other bits, to Kaliman, Nagoya’s newest Mexican restaurant, but get there you must!

Kaliman, named after the Mexican comic superhero, certainly serves food fit for heroes and heroines.

The restaurant is situated across the road from iD, and only a short walking distance from either Sakae or Fushimi subway stations. The interior is brightly decorated in orange and yellow hues and has the feel of an authentic Tijuana eatery. The walls are charmingly decorated with creative artwork by a local artist.

Above the long, narrow bar hang brightly colored blackboards clearly informing clientele of special offers and main dishes. Musical instruments stand like soldiers at attention atop one corner of the bar almost begging to be played as projections of musicians, some from a forgotten age, blast out toe tapping, butt shaking tunes. Indeed, the instruments seem to lure us toward them like some ancient Siren posse, either that, or the music is overly infectious. At any rate, I was unable to resist a shot on the maracas!

Kaliman boasts an extensive tequila menu featuring more than 120 varieties ranging in price from ¥500 to ¥9,000 per shot. How long would it take, I asked myself, to sample all tequilas Kaliman has to offer? There is also an extensive range of cocktails and frozen cocktails such as Mojitos, Mexican Mojitos, Pina Coladas and Margaritas. As it was such a tremendously hot day, I treated myself to a Mojito. It was so refreshing that I added ‘tsu’ to the end and got another.

Get it? Mohitotsu!
No? Oh, well…

The restaurant serves authentic Mexican food as well as some original fusion dishes.

Some originals I think especially appealing are:
Jalapeno and garlic soybeans, tequila steamed mussels and oil sardines with coriander on a baguette.

I also sampled the tacos and nachos, both pretty standard Mexican fare, but ones which never fail to gratify the appetite and keep the hunger monster at bay.

The crockery comes in an array of bright colours and matches the interior decor. Most of the tables seat four and the whole place has an open, airy feel, even when seated at the counter.

The owner is a jovial lad and other staff members are efficient and knowledgeable, some hail from Mexico. The food is freshly made to order. Kaliman is is a restaurant I will visit again. It is a place where customers can relax, enjoy some fine food and chill with friends.

It gets three thumbs up from me!
Muy Deliciosa!
Adiós amigos!

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