K-Pop Nights in July!

This month the popular K-Pop party Nestal will be on the 5th at the Emporium, as well as K-Pop Night at Ozon on the 15th. Even if you aren’t crazy about Korean music, these parties have an awesome atmosphere with lots of fun people in a good mood – a fun night out!

7月のK-POP NIGHTは2Daysで開催決定!!

7月5日(木)20:00~ @the emporium
7月15日(日)18:00~ @OZON

オゾンでのK-POP NIGHTは大型のマルチビジョンを使った
映像も楽しめる今夏最大級のK-POP NIGHT!


Nestal on Facebook

K-Pop Night at Ozon

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