Junior Thug Assured Yakuza Split Isn’t His Fault

A junior thug last night was being consoled about his role in the split of the Tamaguchi-gumi crime organisation this month.

Police sources have stated that around 2,000 members of the organisation have split from the crime family and Kenta Tanaka, a low level thug of the shatei, or little brother, rank has revealed that he is worried that he is the cause of the split.

“Is it something I did wrong?” Tanaka, tearfully told friends this week. “Maybe I wasn’t a good enough yakuza? Maybe I didn’t extort enough money from drunken salary men in my hostess bar?”

Friends and kyodai ranked associates have tried to reassure Tanaka that it was nothing to do with him, and that sometimes heads of crime families just stop loving each other, but he was inconsolable.

“I’m sure it is all my fault, and if they would just get back together I will beat up anyone they want me to, and I’ll clean my room every day. I promise!” he added.

“I feel for the shatei, I really do,” said Gozo Amano, head of the Kobe based separatist crime faction, “it’s always hardest for them in situations like these. But I just couldn’t keep living in that family, I had to live my life for me. I had to spread my wings.”

Daisuke Shimura, Oyabun boss of the original Tamaguchi-gumi factor, has been silent in public regarding the split, but sources say that he believes Amano to have been seeing some tart on the side.

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