Jukebox Paradise
November 26 - December 4, 2016

Nagoya is in the midst of a performance boom. Both theater groups and bands are proliferating to the point where we are literally spoilt for choice. And at the intersection of these two creative movements is an entirely original musical 25 years in the making featuring 17 original songs by Brian Cullen and flavored by the sounds of the sixties.

The play, Jukebox Paradise, features a superb script by local playwright Gary Beaubouef who sets the scene in the Hawaii of 1962, exploring the universal themes of choice and freedom against the tense background of the Cuban missile crisis. It is a sweet and nostalgic musical whose roots were planted when Cullen was 20 years old in Ireland and became inspired by the rock and roll musical, Grease. Shortly thereafter he came up with the concept of the Jukebox world and the very first song came to life.

Over the last twelve months the crew has rehearsed under the energy of the show’s director Steve Pottinger. This is the same dedicated team that brought you the acclaimed local production of Dreamcatcher and features a cast of 33 actors and dancers who hail from 14 countries, lending the production a truly international flavor. The musical features five of Nagoya’s most talented musicians playing as Coindrop 62, the music of the Jukebox.

Get your tickets from a member of the cast or from Ticket PIA (P code: 451-165). This service is available at convenience stores or at the Ticket Pia website

Each performance has a limited number of seats and, we expect to have a full house for all shows, so please buy your tickets early for yourself and your friends so that you can make sure that you can enjoy the particular show of your choice.


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