JR East to Installs Stickers in Every Train Car to Remind Passengers to Continue Autonomic Bodily Functions

After the death of a passenger on one of its commuter trains earlier this month,  the Japan Rail East Corporation has announced steps to increase passenger safety by placing reminder stickers on all of its train carriages. The stickers will remind passengers to continue involuntary body functions such as breathing and the pumping of blood during their journey. The passenger in question was a Tokyo resident in his late 60’s who, according to a police report, died of heart failure during his commute home from the office.
JR immediately launched a study to determine how they might prevent further such incidents. After a 74 million yen study of passenger habits and the human nervous system, it was determined that a small sticker placed in each window of the train would be sufficient.
A small stick figure showing the affects of cardiac arrest as well as an English translation are included on the sticker, reading, “Please don’t stop to breathing while in the train ride.”

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