João Modé
October 1 - 23, 2016

  • Nagoya City Museum Oct 1-16 Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT Oct 1-16 Kagota Park Oct 1-16 Aichi Arts Center Oct 17-23
  • Website

Rhythm is a core aspect in João Modé’s work. Relying on the accumulation of matter and the active participation of a broad public, Modé’s pieces call for a slowdown, inviting the spectator to approach the work’s own dynamic and to take part in it. Previous exhibitions include the 28th São Paulo Biennial (2008); the 7th and 10th Mercosul Biennials (Porto Alegre, 2009, 2015); The Spiral and the Square (Stockholm, Sweden); and Cariocas!, (Lille, France). The “NET Project” is an organic and collective project. It grows out of the hands of the artist as well as any participant – art visitors and otherwise – that feels encouraged to take part in it.  The “NET” has been installed in a number of cities, including São Paulo, Berlin, Stuttgart and Rennes.

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