Jerry's Uno Shinsakae

Jerry’s Uno, a short walk from Shinsakae-machi subway station, has more varieties of beer than you can poke a burrito at. A personal favorite is the big bottles of Grolsch, you know the ones with the stopper? They also have Sapporo on tap as a pallete cleanser. For those of you who aren’t into beer, Jerry’s has fun things like sparkling wine on tap and home-made Long Island Iced Tea that resides in a jar on the counter and is guaranteed to get you fuc… *mileage* far beyond the meagre price tag (¥500).

That’s not even mentioning the food! Jerry’s was one of the first places in Nagoya to serve up burittos, or soft tacos in the store’s parlance, and they are pretty awesome. The NM office favorite is the spicy meat! The teriyaki chicken and tuna + avocado options are also yummy. The rest of their menu runs the whole Mexican-inspired gamut, with quesadillas, taco rice, and taco salad – a green salad in served in a bowl made from a deep-fried tortilla – which is as good as it sounds.

The staff are friendly and the general atmosphere of the shop is relaxed, with the counter generally filled out with regulars, who can be a lot of fun to have a drink with, with tables for larger groups and a darts machine at the back.

To sum up, Jerry’s Uno is a great spot to grab some tacos and drink some beers while enjoying some good company, whether with friends or by yourself. It is on the intersection of Hirokoji-dori and Aoi, close to Shinsakae-machi Station and about a 10 minute walk from Sakae.

Jerry’s Uno Shinsakae

Open: Daily 18:00~3:00

1-6-6 Shinsakae, Naka-ku Nagoya

Tel: (052) 251-1139

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