Jerry’s Uno: Cannabia


Jerry’s Uno is a Tsurumai institution, and often the first stop for hungry gaijin craving some food from home like tacos and nachos. Hide spent some time in Los Angeles and based his shop on a place there called Barney’s Beanery – he wanted to recreate a “real Los Angeles experience” in Nagoya, and you might say he pulled it off…
Drinks: Beers! Jerry’s has an extreme selection of beers, and Hide picked four of his favorites. Because who goes to a bar to only drink one beer!?

Cannabia: Containing real hemp extract, it’s safe to say that this one is “dope”. Actually tastes pretty good.

Erdinger: This German beer is called Weissbier because it is white. Whaddya know? Drink it first, so you can taste the damn thing – the subtle flavors will be overwhelmed if you drink it after anything stronger.

Brooklyn Lager: Straight out of New York, this is a rare example of an American beer that is actually tasty. Kind of like a craft beer before craft beers were cool.

Samuel Smith: It’s from England! It’s organic! This means that it has a lot less of the exciting chemicals that some companies put into their beer. A good lager – creamy and smooth.

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