Japanese stars make diversity stand in Oscar Boycott

This week stars of the Japanese entertainment industry were celebrating their successful boycott of the 88th Academy Awards as part of their drive for diversity.

A raft of popular Japanese names refused to attend the Oscar awards this year as they joined together to make a stand against what they see as the discrimination against Japanese performers in Hollywood.

“Film makers in America just don’t make great parts for Japanese actors and actresses,” said the spearhead of the movement, Kitano “Beat” Takeshi. “It’s all white, white, white. It’s frankly disgraceful!”

Another activist for the movement, Kanako Momota of Idol group Momoiro Clover Z, who famously showed her affinity with other cultures by donning blackface for a Fuji TV show, agreed:

“Even when there are roles for Japanese actors the Samurai roles are taken by Tom Cruise, or we are stereotypically performed as buffoons by Mickey Rooney. It’s beyond a joke”

Unfortunately no gaijin major ‘tarento’ were available for comment because, well, you know…

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