Japanese Right Winger Favourite To Win Time Person of the Year 2017

Shinji Yoshikawa, the head of the Japanese nationalist group ‘Tsuyoi Nihon Wo Torimodo Sou’ is the bookies’ odds on favourite to be named as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2017.

Betting company RightBet24/7 has named Yoshikawa as the hot favourite to be given the award by the internationally renowned magazine.

However, the leader of the Uyoku Dantai organisation, who spends his time driving around the country’s cities in a black van emblazoned with the imperial flag of Japan, spouting a hateful diatribe about foreigners, how Korean ‘comfort women’ of the second world war “loved it really” and that Chinese people are a different species and should be treated no better than dogs, has distanced himself from the award.

“While I am obviously pleased that our cause has been recognised by international community, I feel that this award has been tainted,” he bellowed to group of fascists, bigots and ne’er do wells gathered in front of his black van of hatred.

“When you look back at this award, there are some exceptional people who have been celebrated: Adolph Hitler, Ayatollah Khoemini, Nikita Khrushcev and Joseph Stalin, twice.

“Those are all names that I would be happy to stand alongside as powerful individuals who worked hard to achieve great things for the natives of their countries, even if it meant exterminating millions of them to do so.

“But,” he added. “The award has been tainted by their selection in 2016 of Trump. I mean, come on. I may be an absolute bastard full of hatred, but I don’t want to stand alongside that guy. I mean, I’m not that much of a cunt, am I?”

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