It’s The Year of the Horse, Of Course: Osaka Artist DAAS Helps Us Ride Into The New Year

We call upon Osaka artist DAAS to help us ride into the new year with some unique cover art
2014 brings in the Year of the Horse and with it, all the characteristics of this beautiful animal, strength, freedom, nobility and grace. DAAS chose to use a colorful, minimalist approach in this work to illustrate those qualities.

About The Artist

DAAS is a Japan based American contemporary visual artist. His work is primarily focused on the power of color, balanced design and a representation of animals, insects and humans in a geometric based form.

Many may know DAAS for his set work with Guido (Joe Joe) Saldaña at the Sexy Halloween in Nagoya this year. Saldaña and DAAS created the haunted carnival theme that thrilled participants and got tongues wagging.

He is currently in the studio working on a series of paintings titled Geometrics, which have been exhibited in group and solo shows in Osaka, Japan over the past year. In addition to his studio work, DAAS also creates large-scale murals.

Most recently, he just returned from Kathmandu, Nepal, where he was invited, as an international artist, to participate in the citywide mural project called Kolor Kathmandu, where he painted 3 large murals in his signature Geometric style.

twitter:  @Daas_Art








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