Ishiki Beer Garden

It’s time for my favorite thing about summer – Beer Gardens. I have whiled away many an aestival night soaking up the beer – and the antics – of my fellow revelers. It is a age-old tradition in Japan. Find a crowded spot that serves all you can drink with passable food and proceed to hold forth on the meaning of life, “What country I am from?” and subway closing times. Sure the place is crowded and the food is so-so. As long as the beer lines have been cleaned and the price is acceptable then why not? Right? What else is a thirsty gaijin to do?

But what if I told you there was a place far away from the maddening crowd, a place that not only served cold beer but Suntory Premium Malt and Kirin Frozen draft as part of their all you can drink and special seafood course menu?

What if I told you that this magical spot sits on a rooftop with an expansive view of the night sky and offers you your own BBQ grill and a festive tropical atmosphere?

What I am describing here folks is something extraordinary – a beer garden that serves delicious and tasty food! I am describing Ishiki Beer Garden which is run by one of the most famous fishmongers in Nagoya. In fact Ishiki has been in the fish trade for 32 years. That means that here you are going to get a choice selection of the freshest seafood, at a reasonable price, which you grill at your very own table. None of that greasy day-old fried chicken and soggy fries. You will not find a dodgy sausage or a sketchy pasta-looking something here. Instead you can look forward to fresh prawns, shellfish, scallops, big juicy clams and Mackerel – all directly delivered from the fish market.

And while the seafood is the real star, their drink selection is also worthy. Cocktails and beer are served up with their specialty seafood course which you can enjoy for two hours for only ¥4,500. You can opt for the 3 hour course for only ¥5,000 or stay all night for a mere ¥6,000! They also have an all you can drink for 90 minutes with a few snacks for only ¥3,000. Also if you wish to order ala carte if you like.

This is an exceptional value, especially when you factor in the atmosphere which is vibrant and exciting but somehow incredibly chill. Ishiki Garden comes highly recommended – so reservations are recommended .

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