Idol fan realizes that he is not a music lover but instead a creepy pederast

A middle-aged fan of Japanese pop idol groups has come to the realization that he attends gigs not because he is a big fan of the music, but because he has an unhealthy sexual attraction to young girls.

“Somewhere in my mid-twenties I found myself buying albums by the likes of Ryoko Shinohara and Yuki Uchida,” said Kenta Tanaka, 45, “believing that I enjoyed their pure pop sounds. But like for many others they were a gateway act to a road of depravity.”

Over the coming decades Tanaka has been to thousands of live shows including AKB 48, Momoiro Clover Z, and Morning Musume, learning dance routines to their songs and queuing for hours to meet and greet his favorite singers.

“It all seemed so natural. There were so many of us, men in our twenties and thirties there at the front of the stage, waving our towels, singing along. We thought we were supporting the groups we loved. But there is no doubt that as we got older the girls got younger and the skirts got shorter.”

It was the coming of the band Baby Metal that brought about the realization of his creeping pederasty.

“Just hearing the name of the band made me hard, and it was then I realized that it was nothing to do with the music. The next day I went to an SKE48 show and listened with new ears. The music was truly, truly awful, designed for teenyboppers, nothing more, yet there were all these nerdy men who really should know better, dancing and singing. That’s not right, is it?

“We should be ashamed. But we obviously aren’t.”

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