I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
A party raged in Tsurumai.
I picked my way through laughing crowds,
On blue plastic sheets all did lie,
Everyone having fun but me;
For I had failed at Hanami.

As I did stumble through the folk,
Cherry blossom rained on down,
I trod on someone’s phone that broke,
My nose got punched, blood on ground.
I hoped my friends would rescue me,
But they were lost in hanami.

I sought help in another beer.
Towards the stalls I made my way
Although the salesmen I did fear,
By ink on hands their sleeves betrayed.
Oh they were yaks, most certainly,
For they own even hanami.

With beer in hand of food I thought,
So I perused the demise.
And what great foods there could be bought
With tako cooked every in way;
But on top, fucking kats’bushi
The horrid taste of hanami.

With drunken head I did return
Back to the park and down I sat.
But by some guys I soon was spurned,
They shoved me hard off the blue mat.
“This seat reserved here, can’t you see?
“We’ve staked our claim, our hanami!”

Now with the sun gone from the sky,
My t-shirt sleeves were not enough.
I cursed the cold and wondered why
Others knew to bring warmer stuff
For they were snug and all toasty,
So well prepared for hanami.

Alone and cold, just like a cloud
Tears rained down like blossom flowers.
But then my name was called aloud,
My friends: “For you, we’ve searched for hours!”
And they were just as drunk as me!
But that’s the norm for hanami.

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