How NAG Are You? Take Our Quiz!

Maybe you’ve been in town a while and you think you know he place, or maybe you’ve just arrived and are still learning about “The NAG”. Well take our quiz and determine whether you are a wet behind the ears NAG newbie or a battered and worn down lifer! Enjoy!

Nagoya Food

Give yourself one point if you have eaten one of the following:
1) Tenmusu
2) Ankake Spaghetti
3) Miso Katsu
4) Miso Nikomi Udon
5) Tebasaki
6) Taiwan Ramen
7) Hitsumabushi
8) Morning Service
9) Kishimen

History / Current Events
10) Who are the 3 famous local warlords?
11) What Japanese kanji is symbol of Nagoya City?
12) How was Nagoya Castle destroyed in WW2?
13) It is rumored that the castle was mistaken for another building when it was destroyed. What building is that?
14) When did the largest firebombing by US Forces on Nagoya occur?
15) What park was home to most US families and servicemen during the occupation?
16) What is the tallest building in Nagoya?
17) Who is the Mayor of Nagoya?
18) When was the World EXPO held?
19) What did the Higashiyama Zoo exhibit during the war?

20) What are the Golden Shachi?
21) What is Nagoya’s American sister city?
22) What famous company selling products on TV was started in Nagoya?
23) Name the Nagoya Baseball player who went on to play for the Mariners, Yankees and Marlins.
24) Name the actor who starred in “Mr. Baseball” a film set in Nagoya.
25) How many people live in Nagoya?
26) How many ku’s are there in Nagoya?
27) Which Ku used to be its own city?
28) Which local shrine houses the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, used in the enthronement of the Japanese Emperor?
29) How much is the most expensive subway ticket you can buy in Nagoya?
30) Under what President did Air Force One land at Nagoya Centrair Airport?

Local Gaijin Culture
31) Name two members of the band Sushi Cabaret Club who still live in Nagoya
32) What local business organization organizes The Walkathon?
33) What is the oldest dance club for foreigners in Nagoya?
34) What was “The ALIEN”?
35) In the 80’s and 90’s where did Gaijin go to post notices for work or apartments?

Restaurants and Bars
Give yourself one point if you have been to any of the following places
36) Santa Barbara
37) America’s Cup
38) Westridge
39) Down Under
40) Across The Border
41) Five Feet Cafe
42) Pelican Pete’s
43) Country Joe
44) Hard Rock Cafe Nagoya
45) Shooters



1-9: 1 point each
10: Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu
11: 8 (八)
12: Air Raid during 1945
13: The City Hall Building
14: January 3, 1945,
15: Shirakawa Park
16: The Toyota Building
17: Takashi Kawamura
18: 2005
19: Drawings of the animals
20: Golden Dolphins, or kinshachi.
21: Los Angeles
22: Shop Japan
23: Ichiro Suzuki
24:Tom Selleck
25: 2,300,000
26: 16
27: Moriyama
28: Atsuta Shrine
29: ¥330
30: Obama
31: David Freemen and Mike Bagley
32: The American Chamber of Commerce
33: iD
34: A local humor mag from 1990 to 2000
35: The International Center
36 – 45 1 point each.



Nag Newbie: 1-10 points


Nag Enough: 11-20 points


Mid-Life Naggite: 21-30 points

Lifer: 31-45 points

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  1. Lifer. Since ‘94, I’ve lived in the Tokai area and have been all around Nagoya. Just send some of my ashes back to Canada. The rest can be flung in the bay.

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