Hot Spice Mucho Chicken

Hot Spice Mucho Chicken is a new Mexican Restaurant and Bar that just opened up in December.

Take one look at this place and you know these guys are serious about atmosphere (Very bright colors!) and exciting food.

Already popular with a lot of foreigners, it is big, spacious and over the top when it comes to ambiance. Their specialty is “Mucho Chicken” which is basically fried chicken with hot pepper, garlic and other spices. They serve it in tacos, quesadillas and a whole menu of delicious menu items.

You will also find a range of traditional Tex-mex food here such as Nachos, meat tacos, salads and more. Their drink menu runs the gamut and there is something here for everyone; frozen margaritas, Mexican beers, Piña coladas, Tequila and their signature drink the Mucho Sour.

We sat down with the manager of Mucho, Iwasaki-san and asked about the restaurant and its concept.

Hot Spice Mucho Chicken just opened up in December. What is the concept?
It is restaurant and bar serving homemade tacos focused on Mexican cuisine. Mucho Chicken’s speciality is Mexican-style chicken using specially made chili flakes, fried garlic and onions and fried in a special fryer using high quality oil. The chicken is dried in an oven at low temperature to remove oil. The spices of the original blend are mixed there, so it is spicy and very healthy.
The restaurant serves tacos, nachos, quesadillas.

But Nagoya Chicken wings are also on the menu! What are the chicken wings like?
This dish is our original take on traditional Nagoya tebasaki, using plenty of Mucho’s specially made chile flakes on the wings.

Do you offer salads too?
Yes. We offer a cobb salad, caesar salad, a coriander green salad, and more.

What is the most popular item on your menu?
Definitely the Mucho Chicken Taco. Customers who come to the store invariably order this. It is so good!

What kind of drinks do you serve? Which drinks are most popular?
Well we serve Mexican beers like Corona, Sol and Tecate, premium tequilas, frozen margaritas, Piña coladas, and tequila cocktails too. Above all, the mucho sour is the best. It has a slice of frozen fruit on the top and you see it on instagram all the time.

The location is very convenient. Where is it exactly?
We are in Sakae, just south of iD Cafe and around the corner. It is very easy to find, and it is big!

You have a lot of foreign customers. Is your menu in English?
Yes we have a menu in Japanese and English.


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