Holy B Cave!

Nagoya’s very own super-club iD Cafe has had a secret brewing in its depths for the past nine months, a fetus of an idea that has grown slowly, and is soon ready to crawl into the UV light and be seen by the world. But this is no ordinary creation, oh no my good friend, if you are expecting the expected, then be wary, as you are in for a shock, as iD Cafe have made their very own Batcave, an underground retreat plastered from head to foot (or ceiling to floor, whatever!) with pictures, paintings, decals and more bats than Barry the Bat’s Big Belfree Birthday Bash.

The original concept for the floor was penned back in February and after the design was finished, the entirety of the place was painted by just one person… who will remain anonymous, he is the caped club painter. On the back wall there is a huge mural of Batman that glows in the dark, above the entire length of the bar is decal of the ever nimble and scantily clad Catwoman, and creeping out of the shadows of the DJ booth is the lurid and psychotic face of The Joker. Even the toilets are decorated with red and black stripes reminiscent of Harley Quinn’s costume.

But the basement floor is not just a cheap gimmick, as manager and clubland Don, Mr. Hara explains that the sound system is somewhat unique, with four sets of speakers each the size of a Smart Car. The speakers themselves are a feat of engineering; vintage units no longer for sale. No problem! iD dug the blueprints up and built their own. Mr. Hara also explained that the music will be a little more chilled out compared to the other floors, but this being iD, there idea of being “chilled out” may be like a chili freak telling a noob that compared to a scotch bonnet, a jalapeno is as mild as an Enya track (disclaimer: there will be no Enya at iD Cafe).

To begin with, the floor will only be open on Friday and Saturday nights and is located at the bottom of the stairs right next to the entrance. With the chairs and tables lining the wall, it can still comfortably accommodate 300 plus people and the long bar stacked with a wide range of booze, amazing bar staff and “one coin” drinks means that you shouldn’t be waiting long for your poison (or antidote).

The ticket price for admission won’t change with the introduction of the B-Cave and it is truly a testament to how seriously iD take your night out; anyone else would think that five floors, each with a huge bar, a dance floor and a different DJ and music style would be enough for any clubber, but not wanting to rest on its laurels, iD have added another experience into the mix.

Personally, I think that the Bat Cave holds up by itself amazingly well, it could be a stand alone theme club, so even if you aren’t into the rest of the iD scene, it is a cool place to hang out. It is also a great location to bring any friends who are visiting out of town. During my sneak peak, I couldn’t help but think about bringing my younger brother to the place, who is a Leeds based MC and a DC Comic fanboy. The geeks will also be pleased as there are different Bats to appreciate, a picture of the Dark Knight’s Joker is framed and hung on the wall but the glow in the dark Batman is far more traditional and looks a little like Adam West (nobody does the Bat Dance any more!).

But even if you think comics are infantile and stupid, you can’t argue with a club that now has six unique floors, each giving you a different atmosphere. I would also recommend dropping by anyways, as you may be pleasantly surprised… especially as the NAGMAG team are in the process of convincing Mr. Hara to install a Bat Pole (with some dancers of course).


iD Cafe
3-1-15 Sakae, Naka-ku

Tel: (052) 251-0382


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