HIP HOP NAG: Yuki and Kumi, The Sexy Pole Dancers

See Kumi and Yuki dance LIVE at Hop On The Sexy

Known as the leading pole dancer in Tokai area, Kumi has been pole dancing for years at club events, parties and bars and her talents have brought her renown as a pole instructor, organizer of pole dance events, choreographer, producer of dancers and the leader of go go dance team “Nagoya Gold Betty”. She was a finalist in Miss Pole Dance Japan 2011.

Kumi plays a wide range of roles in various fields and has performed in many official big events, TV and promotional videos. She uses her top-level ability coupled with her beauty and strength to tell stories drawn from many elements of dance, that always attracts people and touches their hearts.

NAGMAG: Could you tell us something about hip hop?

Kumi: I became interested in Hip Hop in the late 90s when I started going out to night clubs and all the music they used to play back in those good days is a part of my youth.
With it’s rhythms and beats, my body begins moving naturally as soon as I hear the music.

As a pole dancer, personally hip hop is my favorite jungle and I believe both traditional hip hop songs and current, more-uptempo songs are cool. I receive a great amount of influence from hip hop and what hip hop has taught me comes alive in my styles of pole dancing.

Yuki started pole dancing in Tokyo and has been captivated by pole dancing ever since. Since she moved to Nagoya, she has been learning pole dancing under Kumi and started performing at many events as a pole dancer under contract to Pole Dana.Her excellent proportions and her sexy and cute pole dance have made her extremely popular. Her pole acrobatics are a must-see!

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