HIP HOP NAG: Ghost Willy

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NAGMAG: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from and what  is your life’s focus all about?

Ghost Willy: My name is Willy AKA DJ Ghost Willy AKA Mr. New York AKA Cuff Your Chic AKA The Reason Why Niggas Don’t Have Peace in this City! Hahahaha!! I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I lost my parents when I was five, then lived with my foster family in Canada for a few years, now I am here you baby!

NM: What musicians or styles have influenced you as an artist?

GW: Basically it’s hip hop. Way back into the days of my girl Aaliyah, Left Eye (Lopez), my man DMX, Tupac, Biggy, Run DMC, Bob Marley, Lost Boys, Diddy, Wu Tang – that’s where my name Ghost comes from – D. Block, Dipset – c’mon this list is endless – 50 Cent.

NM: Describe your style of music. What is your defining characteristic?

GW: Being an orphan from a tender age, I could listen to nothing but hip hop. I find myself living it from old school to new school hip hop.

NM: What is your opinion about the Nagoya hip hop scene? Where has it been? Where is it going?

GW: Thanks NM for such a good question! First of all, I find it weird when a Japanese gentleman dressed in a hip hop outfit tries to stop a black dude or just any other gaijin from getting into a club where they play hip hop!

That’s weird. We are hip hop, we started it, let’s carry on with the hip hop culture without getting looked down up on.

Hip hop in NAG is going nowhere unless all the Japanese accept us and understand that this basically our life we are living. I have worked with a lot of big famous Japanese artists, and even though I knew I could do better than them, I wasn’t given that chance!

NM: What will you be playing at Hop On The Sexy?

GW: I will be spinning pure hip hop from old school to new school!

NM: What is next for you? What are you aiming for professionally?

GW: I want to do big tours around the world, like I have already started doing S/O to TPE, as well as putting in more work and staying healthy.

For booking:

Email: willishenryachapa@yahoo.com

Twitter: ghost-swag-city


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