See DJ Scrying LIVE at Hop On The Sexy

Will Taylor (aka Scrying) started mixing back in 2008, and has been slowly creeping up on the local scene ever since.

Scrying: I grew up listening to true old school, 60’s and 70’s soul, switched up to the warehouse rave scene when he moved to California for university, and became more interested in hip hop when artists and DJs started working samples more and more into their work.

I’d cite The Avalanches as a big influence, as well as Herbie Hancock, Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Kanye West, RZA and The Neptunes. I love any music that respects where its roots are from, as well as stuff that takes chances in mixing genres, styles, stuff like that.

The hip hop scene in Nagoya is interesting, there are some really, really good turntablists and DJs out there, but also some crowds whose tastes run a bit more crossover pop than hip-hop per se.

I like my sets to trace back a bit, blending the old and the new. If you like a beat that someone sampled, maybe I can turn you on to the original as well. I’d like to see more events that allow for a real range of music. This will be one of them, for sure.

NAGMAG: What is next for you? What are you aiming for professionally?

Scrying: My motto is anytime, anywhere. I will play anywhere, for anyone, in any genre. I do the work to understand music, and I love to rock a party. I want to get out there and play for people, bring music out there, bring people to music. Getting paid for it just adds to the fun.

For bookings: scrying@gmail.com

For music: http://soundcloud.com/scrying/

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